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Free Covid-19 Clinic!!!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update From Chartright Accountants Limited

Due to challenges caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), we're providing our customers with extra support and resources. This is a free service where we are assisting clients with claims for grants, CJRS, BBLS and CBILS applications.

We are processing all the CJRS for employers FREE OF CHARGE, so that neither the employers who have to furlough their employees nor the employees are penalised.

We are assisting our Self-employed clients FREE OF CHARGE to apply for SEISS grants. Helping them to check if they qualify and ensuring that they apply if they do. We are also assisting businesses in calculating their turnover for application of loans, and checking on how Covid has affected their business when applying for grant made available by the government.

We are also offering moral support to our clients in these challenging times!

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